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Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance

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Schedule for the event

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Registration for the event

AAAI handles registration for all 2022 Fall Symposia. Registration Link

Registration is open until the start of the event, but early registration is encouraged.

Please see AAAI’s Fall Symposia site for more details on registration and hotels/transportation.

Description of the Symposium

Complex, physical systems degrade over time, and continued maintenance is required to ensure their peak performance. Upkeep of well-engineered systems is often straightforward, yet significant challenges lie in knowing when and what to maintain. Traditional approaches to managing maintenance activities rely on scheduled or condition-based approaches. Predictive Maintenance (PMx) paradigm complements them with the ability to forecast needs into the future, reducing monetary and logistical burden of ownership, boosting operational safety, and reducing system down-time due to unexpected failures. Past successes show that PMx is capable of achieving those goals, however, there are remaining challenges and untapped opportunities in applying this technology at-scale in real-world settings. Many of these outstanding issues can be resolved with Artificial Intelligence.

This symposium aims to bring together researchers and practitioners across academia, industry, and government in order to discuss challenges, approaches, and needs in the field of AI-driven PMx, as well as fuel collaborative efforts which will accelerate the progress of adopting AI across entire organizations that maintain critical systems.

Topic Areas Include (but are not limited to)

Symposium Format

The symposium will feature poster sessions along with sessions of talks, organized by topic area, to present submitted work. AI for PMx is an in-person event.

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