About the Auton Lab

The Auton Lab at Carnegie Mellon University is a leading research facility focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our interdisciplinary team of experts collaborates to develop cutting-edge algorithms and systems that solve complex real-world problems. As a participant at our HackAuton event, you have the opportunity to engage with lab members, apply your skills, work with peers, learn from mentors, and tackle an exciting challenge in competition for a prize. Join us at the 2023 HackAuton event to contribute to groundbreaking research and help shape the future of AI and ML!

Event Timeline

7/21/2023 - 9/11/2023

All CMU students are welcome to apply during this period.

Event Kickoff
9/15/2023 - 9/17/2023

A kickoff session to lay out the challenge topics, meet your mentors, and get accustomed to the workspace.

Judgement Day

The participants' findings will be presented to a panel of judges to determine the event's winning teams!