Let’s chat about Auton Lab!

The Auton Lab is always looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team and push the envelope in Machine Learning and robotics technology. We are hiring across all roles, including: post-docs, programmers, data analysts, researchers, UX designers, engineers, interns.

Already know the specific position to which you want to formally apply? Check out the descriptions and links below to submit your job application through Carnegie Mellon’s HR department.

Project ScientistAPPLY

We are seeking a Project Scientist to join us in the Auton Lab. In this role, you will act as a team leader for specific areas of research projects in applied data science. Working with principal investigator(s), you will prioritize project goals based on overall organizational goals. You will contribute significantly in the development and documentation of research finding and as a major collaborator of scientific papers. There will be frequent opportunities to present research finding to current or potential sponsors and at major national and international conferences.

Research ProgrammerAPPLY

We are seeking outstanding Research Programmers and Senior Research Programmers to be instrumental in a wide range of fundamental and applied projects in Machine Learning. We are seeking team members who will be responsible for developing experimental research applications and modifying existing software for specific research applications based on knowledge of the theoretical foundations of information and computation including mathematics, algorithms and data structures, and the application of state-of-the-art programming methodology and languages for their implementation and application in computer-based systems. You will provide consulting services to researchers relative to software technology and capability. You will design and perform tests of the developed software, contribute to technical reports and presentation materials, thoughtfully and optimally interact with representatives of sponsors and end-users as required.